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Never forget a password again

Fills logins and forms for you

It's free, easy and keeps you secure

No clutter, just the things you need.

Browser integration with password filler

Smart browser integration ensures you do not have to do anything to stay safe. SafeWallet browser add-on works while you browse - detecting, saving and filling your login information in a highly secure and intuitive manner. SafeWallet browser add-on is available for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

SafeWallet protects you and helps you select powerful and unique logins to each site you visit. The browser extension creates and automatically fills your powerful logins for you, so you don't have do memorize them by yourself.

Making life easier

Have you ever forgotten a password? Ever spent time scattering through files, emails and notes to find your password? Maybe even got frustrated with those long password reminder forms?

With SafeWallet it won't happen again! All of your passwords are securely stored and they are always only one mouse click away.

Access everywhere

SafeWallet is a multi-platform password manager that runs on all major desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile platforms.

Our seamless secure-sync technology makes your sensitive information available to you on your PC and mobile, wherever you go. Your information is always encrypted and 100% secure.

Stay secure

If you think your passwords protect you, think again! Using the same password on multiple sites or using weak passwords make it easy for hackers to quickly steal your password, or even worse - to impersonate you.

SafeWallet password management encryption keeps you safe. We always encrypt your sensitive information locally, so only you can access it and no one else. All your passwords, online accounts, bank account details, passports and more are encrypted using the most advanced encryption technologies that exists today!

With one click you can create powerful passwords to your sites, so there is no need to remember passwords while staying safe. We make password management a breeze.

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